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You, Me & Hemp

On May of 2018, our lives forever changed.

What do you think of when you hear words such as concussion, memory loss, depression, anxiety, and mental health?

For my family, it's sadness, missed birthday parties, being nonsocial, financial hardships, and closed doors.

My husband was once the head mechanic at his job. One day he was working on a vehicle and backed out from underneath hitting the receiver with the back of his head.

After his injury we have had to attend numerous doctors appointments telling us that soon things will pass and he will get back to "normal". Who knew that our normal was not what we intended.

As days drug by, Anthony started having short term memory loss. He couldn't remember the simplest

of tasks, such as directions, what he was working on, or even who he had talked to that day.

Doctors kept prescribing SSRI medication which stands for Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. SSRIs are a typical medication given to traumatic brain injury patients. What we didn't know is SSRIs can come with some very scary side effects. Some of which we dealt with like anger, sleeplessness at night, drowsiness during the day and even thoughts of suicide.

Then in December of 2018 the FDA officially took Hemp off the schedule 1 narcotics list. That's when our lives began to turn in a better direction.

Anthony tried some smokable hemp from one of the local dispensaries in town and instantly things started to look up for him. The feelings of anxiety started to subside. This little flower had changed the way my husband looked at life. So we figured if this is something that has that big of a difference in his life, why not try to make a difference in so many others as well.

We officially became licensed industrial hemp farmers of Minnesota in 2019.

We didn't become hemp farmers for the fad or for the potential money, we simply became hemp farmers because it's the one thing that saved my husband, and we know it would help others as well.

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