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We are a small town Hobby Farm just outside of Grey Eagle, MN.

Our pride and joy are in our beautiful animals, luscious gardens, and our soft and nourishing skin care products. We love giving back to our communities. We donate a percentage of every order made toward buying Christmas presents for children in the system in our local communities. We also believe that every little step in helping recycle can help save our planet. We have partnered up with some local businesses and recycle their old boxes and use them to ship out your beautiful products to you.

Most of our herd are Nigerian Dwarfs, but we also have a few Alpines and a Pygmy in the bunch. All of our goats are grass fed. We find they are healthier and happier if they are able roam the pastures munching and grazing all they want...year round. We don’t ever push our girls for production. They always get a time of rest between breeding and milking. The girls are hand milked daily. We believe it’s an easier and calmer environment for them. Our philosophy is great milk comes from happy goats.

We first started researching goat milk soap and lotion when our oldest child developed eczema as a baby. We wanted something natural and gentle. The more we read about goat milk benefits, the more we knew we needed to start on our own herd. We do the old style soap making with oils and lye. We started by making small batches and giving it away to our friends and family. Everyone loved it and as the requests grew, we turned it into a business. We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do! We look forward to producing our wonderful handmade products for you...

  From Our Acres, To Your Home

        -Twisted Oaks Farm


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